Saturday, 31 January 2009

Signs of spring

Once the Chistmas holidays are gone, no matter how cold or gloomy it is out there, it feels so different. The long darkening days of the Autumn are finally gone, and daylight seem to tangibly increase day by day. Sunny, crisp, cold days are a bonus. But is not only the light - or is not only me who feels it - buds are fattening, catkins unfurling and the woodland floor flowers are hurrying up before tree leaves shade the ground. Birds have noticed the longer daylight hours and are singing and pairing. The last day of January and I have already heard wrens, dunnocks, woodpigeons, greenfinches, goldfinches, collared doves, robins and song thrushes singing. It's not only me, is not wistful thinking. There are sings of the new spring already coming.
 Ok, this is BugBlog, where are they? It feels a bit lonely in the sole company of occasional bluebottle or cloud of winter gnats. I am hopeful and keep watch. Any day now, and this means, possible during February, a butterfly, a red admiral, or a small tortoiseshell, will wake up from hibernation and will make my day...