Sunday 20 February 2011

Breakfast bowl spider

I love bug photos on a white background. Macroinstantes, Myrmecos and The Bug Whisperer have great examples. I do prefer bug photos in their environment, but the white background reveals very subtle features that can help with ID, or allows shots of flighty bugs that rarely stay still. Being a minimalist, amateur photographer I have tried the technique on its simplest form, by placing the subject on a white, relatively shallow breakfast bowl. The bowl surface is slippery enough and enhances the light. This was my first take with Amaurobius (probably similis, judging by its size): a very handsome, fierce looking female I found wandering on my kitchen floor a few days ago.


Nyctalus said...

Hi Blackbird. Thanks for the tip - its very effective. I'll give it a go. Enjoyed catching up with your blog. Allan

Africa Gomez said...

Thank you for following Nyctalus!