Thursday 24 February 2011

An Adonis ladybird

A bright, mild afternoon brings all the ladybirds out from their hibernation sites. I count over 30 7-spots stirring out from little crevices between leaves or sunbating on fences and trunks. An unusual looking ladybird calls my attention, it's smaller and less round than the 7 spots, with relatively large spots. I bring it to the white bowl to photograph. It is an Adonis ladybird (Hippodamia variegata), an aphid eater that seems to have increased in frequency in recent years, but it is still not a common find.

Ladybird Identification
An ID guide of 23 species of British Ladybirds.

NBN records of Adonis ladybird.


Anonymous said...

I said on my blog I hadn't seen any insects today... what a total lie! I saw loads of 7 spots...! Not sure I've got Adonis - will have to look out for them.

Africa Gomez said...

Hi Jane,
It seems to be a wonderful start of the year for 7 spots. Today was the first day it felt like spring and I must have seen hundreds coming out and sunbathing everyhwere. I even saw the first one flying. I haven't seen a single Harlequin, though.