Saturday 20 November 2010

November bug magnets

I went for a walk this afternoon to re-acquaint myself with my clean and repaired camera. After spending almost three weeks camera-less, it was great to have it back. I just walked back to the spot where a few days ago I spotted the B. hypnorum and waited around the sweet smelling Mahonia bushes trying to spot more bumblebees. There were flies (Bluebottles and a smaller species) and wasps around, but my patience finally paid when I saw the distinctive large and dark shaped of a bumblebee amongst the flowers. Not a B. hypnorum, but a worker B. terrestris, stayed just for a few shots (top).
 The second bug magnet today was Ivy. There were dozens of male wasps feeding on Ivy flowers on the wildlife garden. Their large antenna reminded me of mountain Ibex males. I am not very good identifying wasps, although in a post in WAB today somebody pointed at a very informative webpage to identify them. I will update the post if I manage to get an ID. Around the ivy there were also feeding Bluebottles and a parasitoid wasp.
 The third bug magnet was a non-native bush related to the Ivy, the Fatsia japonica. Here the ubiquitous bluebottles were the only insects around.

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