Sunday 7 November 2010


I made the mistake of taking photos in a beach on a windy day (what was I thinking?!). You don't need to have much imagination to guess what happened. Some tiny grain of sand got in the camera and it stalled with the objective open, then, an ominous bleeping and a warning 'lens error! restart camera!'. After that, I did some frantic searches in Google to find a simple solution and failure to restart the camera after trying various tricks. The consequence, my Powershot G10 is being now sent to a repair centre, and while I wait, my dear old G6 was rescued from a cupboard and put to action. Now, when you get used to an upgrade you often do not notice the jump in quality, probably as you are often frustrated trying to get used to the new buttons and getting aquainted with you new toy. But going backwards, that's tough. I miss my G10 so much! I miss the image stabilization, I miss the large, bright LCD screen, the optical zoom, the top dial to adjust the aperture...
 However, I am so glad this happened at the beginning of november, when Bugblog is feeling a bit sleepy and cold, almost ready to hide under a curly leaf and go into hibernation. I would have been straight to the shops to get myself a G12 if this had happened in the summer. And still, some bugs still refuse to believe that, yes, it is cold and time to hide! While gardening this weekend, I was accompanied by the surprising buzzing of honeybees foraging on the fuschia, I disturbed a healthy female Tegenaria when moving a compost bag. I also came across this tiny snail, probably born only this summer, having a walkabout. Despite all of the above, when I saw the photo above I realised I can survive without my least for a few days.

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Antje said...

Ouch. I feel your pain. :-) Beautiful little snail though!