Thursday 9 April 2015


There was definitely a buzz in the garden today. The usual Anthophora plumipes males were now joined by the first female of the year (above), feeding on the Pulmonaria. The Pulmonaria, unfortunately, was in the shade, so I couldn't take as sharp photos as I would have liked. A male Osmia bicornis (previously rufa) was patrolling the grape Hyacinths and a female Andrena fulva made a brief appearance. Just on cue, as the Cherry, a favourite of this bee, started to bloom yesterday.
 A Green Shieldbug was out sunbathing, also the first of the year. Many young wolf spiders were out too in the sun, stalked by my young cat, who likes to hunt and eat them, to my dismay. A Peacock butterfly passed by, but didn't settle.
Unidentified Andrena sp. on a dandelion.
Male Osmia bicornis
Male Anthophora plumipes.
Green shieldbug
Flea beetle, Altica sp.

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