Thursday 19 June 2014

Mouse spider nest

As I checked the bee hotel, the Mouse Spider, Scotophaeus blackwalli, was looking considerably thinner than last time I checked. And lo and behold! She was guarding a fresh, pure white silky cocoon holding her eggs in a neat bundle. I will update this posts with further developments.

UPDATE 9th July. The female is still sitting right on top of the egg sac.

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Yvonne Wilson said...

How exciting! We love mouse spiders, such cute and fuzzy little beauties! My father, aged 89 and a countryman through and through, saw one in his conservatory a couple of weeks ago. He had never encountered the species before and I was able to identify it for him.
We currently have one living under the bath. Every so often I see it out in the bathroom patrolling its territory, but it's quite skittish and scuttles for cover if you twitch a muscle.