Monday 19 May 2014

The bird poo beetle

No, that is not the accepted common name of this beetle, which instead goes by the name of Scarce Fungus Weevil, Platyrhinus resinosus, but it should be. We didn't start our relationship very well, this beetle and me. He landed on my arm unannounced, and I automatically slapped it away as I realised it wasn't a fly, but something more interesting. I am glad I was crossing a road, as it it hadn't been on the tarmac, I wouldn't have refound it. Having met me in such an unfriendly way he played dead (understandably) for quite a while, its resemblance to a dry bird poo uncanny. After a while it timidly dared stretch its antennae and front legs, posing in a more relaxed position. This is a most unusual looking beetle, with a flat whitish face and rough surface and a cylindrical body.

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Playing dead
A frontal view


RayHolden said...

I always think that they look like a twig that has had a bad time in a blunt pencil sharpener.

Amanda Peters said...

Very odd looking bug, have never seen one, now you got me looking at bird poo !!!!