Tuesday 1 April 2014

Cherry pollinators fest!

It was a warm, sunny afternoon and the cherry was at full bloom (three weeks earlier than last year), attracting a menagerie of bees, butterflies, queen wasps and flies. I did saw a honeybee, but I think even without this species, the cherry would be fully pollinated given the number and diversity of insects on it.
 Several bees were firsts for the year, including Bombus lapidarius, B. pascuorum and Melecta albifrons. I saw the first male red mining bee yesterday but they seemed to be everywhere today.
Bombus lapidarius queen 
Anthophora plumipes female
Queen wasp grooming
Possibly a dronefly
Male Osmia bicornis
and a Peacock also settled repeatedly on the blossom to feed
A small shining metallic wasp fell on the small pond and was rescued.
The first water beetle in the Victorian bath that makes our mini pond, awaiting ID.
Melecta albifrons, a cuckoo bee that parasitises A. plumipes, feeding on Muscari
 Melecta albifrons,  resting on a daffodil
And finally, a shot of a Red Mason Bee patrolling the Muscari.


Amanda Peters said...

Lots of insects needing food, just shows how important the tree blossom is at this time of year. Hope to get to know a few more ' Bugs' this year, so started following your posts.

sharp green pencil said...

Wonderful line up! Just seen first plumipes of this year in my garden.It seems to be a good start to the year? Val

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful to find you and your bug blog. such beautiful captures. our spring is much slower than yours... though i have spotted butterflies and if i lift rocks some bugs.