Saturday 29 June 2013

A beesy beesy day

We've had a lovely, mild, quite sunny day today. Bees came out of their various hiding places and gorged on the garden flowers. Top bee magnets were the hardy geraniums and the hedge woundwort. At least one old Osmia rufa was still about, very late for this spring species. The first Anthophora furcata of the year turned up, at the usual time of the year. She fed on Hedge Woundwort (above, note how thick the bright red tail looks) and Iris. A male was also about.
Bombus pascuorum entering Iris.
 The only B. lapidarius I saw today
Osmia caerulescens female sunbathing
Competition for the hardy geranium, Bombus hypnorum and Osmia rufa
Osmia rufa leaving hardy geranium, note the visible 'horns'
Megachile centuncularis on Bird's foot trefoil
 Bee list
  1. B. hypnorum hardy geraniums, cotoneaster. Males and Queens about.
  2. B. pascuorum foxglove, purple toadflax, hedge woundwort.
  3. B. hortorum foxglove, hedge woundwort, lamium maculatum
  4. B. terrestris, Stachys byzantina, trying to feed on Lamium maculatum
  5. B. lapidarius poppy, just one.
  6. B. pratorum hardy geraniums, cotoneaster
  7. Megachile willughbiella male on thyme, stachys
  8. M. centuncularis birds foot trefoil, hardy geraniums
  9. Anthophora furcata male patrolling, 1st female of yr., Teucrium, Iris, Hedge woundwort, Herb robert.
  10. Osmia rufa, hardy geranium
  11. O. caerulescens, sunbathing
  12. Honeybee Philadelphus

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