Sunday 23 December 2012


 BugBlog has been dormant for a few weeks. Somehow, posts somehow never went past the project status. But today, the sun shone after days of rain and gloominess, and in a walk at the park, my 4 year old and I did an informal ladybird survey. We checked many tree trunks and spotted lots of ladybirds, not as many Harlequins as other years, but still the easiest ladybird to find in the park. They were quite active as it was mild, and walked on the tree trunks in the sun. More than 40 in total, as the cluster of Harlequins above nestled in a little hole on a tree trunk was a little tricky to count. A single 2 spot ladybird completed the survey.

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ian said...

Hi Africa,

I'm a design engineer lecturer and I've a project looking at Ladybird 'Hibernation' diapause, as a personal project and wondered if you had any advice on how best to help them, I notice they like to cluster and so I wondered if those bamboo tube like bug hotels are really suitable. I'd appreciate any advice.