Saturday 18 February 2012

Waking up to served breakfast

 I ventured out to the garden today despite the wind and occasional shower. Plants are starting to awaken: leaves sprouting, two daffodils about to open and a single bowed down Hellebore flower. 7 spot ladybirds like to hibernate between the waterproof leaves of the spurge and today the bright sun woke some of them up. They must have felt very lucky, as colonies of aphids were sitting on the very same shoots. I didn't see any eat aphids, in fact the aphid in the photo below was sitting on the ladybird's head just before I took the shot. But give them time and the spurge might be cleared up of aphids. Something I found surprising is that the aphids are reproducing, and it is february, weren't they supposed to be eggs at this time of year?

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