Wednesday 21 September 2011

Office jumping spider

I watched this tiny jumping spider this morning crawling up my office wall. It must have been 4 mm in size. It carried its dark front pair of legs pointing forward, which gave it a crab like appearance, but its lovely face with large, front facing middle pair of eyes were unmistakable as a jumping spider. It was a male Pseudeuophrys lanigera, a synanthropic species, that is, often found in or around houses.
 The species originates from Southern Europe, and has spread throughout Europe during the last century. In the UK is also expanding north.
 Males have a striking combination of a red face mask, a white moustache, white palps, and robust, black front legs, females are a bit more subdued, and their front pair of legs is annulated as the others.
the male on top view
female (9/04/11)
same female on windowsill (9/04/11)

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