Saturday 19 March 2011

Hoverflies to the rescue!

Despite being so early in the year, aphids are already covering the shoots of many plants. I saw my first Episyrphus balteatus of the year today. Basking on the warm, springy sun and then taking an interest in a small rose. I watched her while it flew away and back to the rose, chosing a fresh shoot and then adopting an egg-laying posture. I was surprised, but the camera was ready in my hands. The first one of the year and it was already mated! The hoverfly left and I looked at the rose stem.
 A bright white egg sat surrounded by fat aphids. What a well chosen place! Hopefully the aphid infestation will soon be under control thanks to the voracious hoverfly larvae.


Antje said...

Incredible! I saw my first bumblebee here, but we don't even have much green yet, no aphids, and certainly no hoverflies. And this is just amazing. What a catch!

Africa Gomez said...

Thank you Antje, I must say I was pretty surprised to see it so neatly, I was thinking, not a chance I will see an egg even if it is there!