Sunday 12 September 2010

September bugs

There is a definite autumnal feel these days. Shorter days, ripening berries and leaves already changing colour. September, however, is a month plentiful on all sorts of bugs. During a walk in our local Millennium Wood, Oppy Wood today, we spotted five butterfly species, Comma, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral and Large White. We watched Commas and Speckled Woods sucking the sweet juice of ripe Blackberries.

There were plenty of Daddy Long Legs (tipulidae). Some of them mating.
A couple of Migrant Hawkers patrolled above our heads. A male (top) eventually stopped to rest, hanging from some low branches. He let me get really close to him for some shots.
There also were grasshoppers about - possibly Lesser Marsh Grasshopper, Chorthipphus albomarginatus - 7 spot ladybirds, froghoppers and wolf spiders.
A male Lesser Marsh Grasshopper


ElytraGJ said...

nice blog ! somehow though I can't link to it - your RSS seems like doesn't work properly

Africa Gomez said...

Thank you ElytraGJ! I have no problem with the RSS feed I have myself to check it works. I hope it works out.