Sunday 1 August 2010

Big Butterfly Count

In the last few days, I have been carrying out surveys for the Big Butterfly Count. I did a count in my garden (5 sp.), two in a local wildlife garden (5 and 6 sp.) and two in a local cemetery (3 and 6 sp.). Given the weather, mostly cloudy with some sunny spells, I am quite pleased with the results. Their results website is quite good with an interactive map where you can check the results submitted at a local scale or for a particular species (over 10,000 surveys already submitted) here. The following photos illustrate my results.
 A Common Blue male today, feeding on oregano. The male regularly patrolled his territory in the wildlife garden, stopping occasionally to feed.
Gatekeepers were plentiful today. This female rested on a Knapweed plant.
My local cemetery has a thiving population of Speckled Wood. Lots of territorial disputes were going on yesterday.
This Red Admiral took advantage from a brief sunny spell yesterday near a buddleia growing in the local cemetery.
This is the first year I see Small Coppers in the wildlife garden.
A Holly Blue feeding on lavender
A Common Blue female on Oregano.
Two small whites courting, the females abdomen raised meaning 'not interested'.

Two female Small Whites sunbathing.

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