Monday 19 April 2010

Night prowl

I had to go out late at night in the garden a few days ago. I took the torch as I dislike squishing slugs or snails walking on the path. Indeed, there were a few yellow slugs (Limax flavus), garden slugs (Arion hortensis) and Common rough woodlice, but, surprisingly, prowling in the middle of the path, I found a shockingly bright-coloured female woodlouse hunting spider (Dysdera crocata) - of which I wrote a post recently.
The spider seemed uninterested in woodlice, by the way, as it walked around one of them. A pleasure to observe this nocturnal spider in its environment.

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Suz said...

I fear I would have dropped from fright....I actually walked into a large web one night taking out the trash....oh my